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Heart rate monitors and pedometers


Apple’s powerful A13 Bionic processor delivers unrivaled performance for any task, with its superior battery life, the device runs all day.

The new system allows you to shoot images at a professional level. The camera also provides high quality video and is great for capturing motion.

Switching between three cameras is very easy, the audio zoom function is comparable to the source of the sound that you see in the frame, dimming extraneous noise. In iOS 13, powerful video editing tools are available to everyone. You can rotate and crop the frame, increase exposure and apply filters instantly. Such processing takes a matter of seconds, and the result is visible immediately. Therefore, even a novice can create professional-quality video projects.

Thanks to the tight integration of hardware and software available only for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The ultra-wide-angle camera has the fundamental capabilities for taking pictures: the lens captures four times as many images, so you can easily take landscapes, architecture or take photos at close range. The new matrix of the new wide-angle camera supports Focus Pixels technology, and advanced software provides the creation of Night mode. It turns on in low light and allows you to take vivid pictures with natural colors and low noise both outdoors and indoors.

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